Chums Floating Phone Protector
No one wants to be away from their phone, even for one minute and now you don’t have to.
Chums Box-Driver Keychain Tool
Optimize your pocket real estate!
Chums Waxed Cotton Retainer
This 2.5mm braided cotton retainer is waxed for durability and smoothness.
Chums Vault LTD
Protective case for glasses, electronics, and other valuables
Chums Tech Cord Retainer
The Tech Cord is a unique eyewear retainer with a clean, single-piece injection-molded build and adjustable loop temples.
Chums Splash Bag Large
Consider Chums Splash Bag like your valuable insurance policy.
Chums Orbiter FLOAT Retainer
Designed off of the success of our best selling Orbiter, the Orbiter Float is lightweight and durable.
Chums Mariner Retainer
The mariner is made from repurposed fishing line, helping to keep monofiliment out of the landfills and out of the water.
Chums Fish Tip 3mm Retainer
This is the eye-wear retainer for the angler in all of us!
Chums Braided Leathercord Retainer
Made of genuine braided leather, the Braided Leather retainer fits all but the bulkiest eye-wear frames with molded forward-mount temples.
Chums Beaded Cords Retainer
Our Beaded Eyeglass Cord is great for those who prefer natural materials and style. Natural wooden and glass beads in assorted patterns and colors make for a casually elegant retainer on almost all eye-wear.
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